Saturday, July 26, 2008

We love and miss you both already!!!

It has been a tough week filled with the loss of two loved ones. On the 23rd of July we lost my beautiful grandma Betty to colon cancer. We lost our amazing cousin Luke on the 26th. They both meant the world to us and we miss them terribly.

Here are a few lines from Luke's Obit.

We will miss his infectious smile, charismatic presence and his ability to stir and provoke. He was happiest when he was "hanging" with friends and family, fly fishing on a clear mountain stream, or participating in just about any sport or competition. As a member of he LDS faith, he was active in Scouting and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He graduated form Woods Cross High School and was pursuing a career in plumbing. He was loved and will be sorely missed by all.

I have so many great memories of my grandmother and I am so grateful that I had the chance to get to know her and grow up next to her. My grandmother spoiled me rotten. When I was younger she would buy me baby dolls and barbies, and when I got older it was lip glosses, hair clips, and earrings. She was our endless supply of candies and soda pops. She was always so up to date on the newest technologies. She would email, msn messenger, & TEXT.

A few famous one liners of Gramma B...

-Better to waste than wear it on your waist.
-Nothing tastes better than thin.
-It's not the pants that make your butt look big, it's the big fat butt.

Till we meet again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

--Deep Sea Fishing--

Wow what a day! We started out with an awesome day at work (crazy I know), Brian sold 8 accounts and 29 for the week, (a typical week is around 12-15 for first year reps) I have married quite the salesman. He went above and beyond his goal and the company bought him a new XBOX 360, which he is SO stoked about! I would just like to let everyone know and mostly Brian how grateful I am for him and giving this summer a shot. He was so against leaving his sanctuary in the Kamas Valley, he left it and came out here for me and took a huge chance. We have so many awesome memories of Cali, and neither one of us regret it at all. He has been such a hard worker and kept a great attitude about it. I love you Bri thanks for all you do!

That night Brian and I got a chance to go deep sea fishing together! What a fun experience, you never know what your going to catch in the ocean! I took a ton of pics so just a warning this may be long.
Here is our friend Bilbob(Brian), he came with us fishing, I just showed Brian the hat in a store, and he had to have it. We shopped around and walked around all of the shops in Newport Beach area, and we were just talking about how nice everyone is down here.....Everyone is just relax and chill. Old Guys would be talking to Brian and say Bro all the time, it's funny cause you don't get that out of most people in Utah.

Bilbob's cousin Dirte(Matt). Sweet car man!

Waiting anxiously for the boat.

The crew getting ready to go out to sea, we all took sea sickness pills right before just incase, our boat went out from 7 to 12 midnight.

Here are some beautiful veiws of the Newport harbor. As you can see there are so many amazing homes surrounding the harbor with sick speed boats.
This first pic is Balboa Island. The pic on the right is right off of Balboa Island, (if you click on the pic you can see that this home is hanging over the cliff) these homes are all worth over 5 million.
My Camera doesn't do an ocean sunset justice at all, but it was really pretty!
There's my man just tying my hook and sinker on, he also baited my hook the whole night so i wouldn't have to smell fishy, we were using anchovies, or however you spell that.

That's a sealion, it was crazy i actually hooked onto one of them with my pole!!! i couldn't believe it, i almost lost my pole, but the captain grabbed the pole and just broke the line, it was crazy.
There's me catching my first fish and the sand bass that we caught, We had over 50 people on the boat, and Brian caught the first fish, he caught 8 or 9, and i caught 3, they were pretty big, the Guy's on the boat would unhook the fish for us and put them in our bags, It was worth it, everyone should go deep sea fishing if they go to Cali, it was really fun, i never thought i would say that.
That little baggy that Brian has costed us 10 bucks!!! but it was good, and that's a frozen chocolate banana in my hand, yummy!!!
While we were waiting to go whale watching we heard some music going on in this restaurant, and this Jamaican looking dude was singing, playing the keyboard and had his drummer with was hilarious cause he had the whole place on their feet dancing. These guys probably in their 60s and 70s were lovin it. The singer kept looking over at us just giving us thumbs up, and wanting us to dance. It was fun.

Well here we are Whale watching, and we saw a lot of sealions, and a ton of Dolphins!!! It was a lot better than seaworld. The Captain of our fishing boat told us about this, and invited us to come on his boat for free, so that was really nice of him. There were probably at least 50 dolphins or more swimming around us. No whales, but it was fun anyways.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WICKED, Beach, and some Angels

-So Much Happened Before Dorothy Dropped In.

Here we are last Thursday in Hollywood standing in front of the Pantages Theatre! I couldn't wait to see Wicked! I have been a huge Wizard of Oz fan since i was just little. My family went to New York last year and saw it and have been talking for a year about how amazing the show was. I was so bummed i wasn't there to see it with them and since then i have wanted to go so bad! The show was SO amazing, it was ten times better than i had ever expected, even Brian and my Pops thought it was awesome. We had such a great weekend and are so happy that our family came out to visit us... so many great memories!

My sis and I on our way to the show.

My dad giving the thumbs up.

Wow my Hubby's such a Hottie!!! Sorry the pict. is fuzzy.

Me Kels & Aly on our way to WICKED. These two girls are my other half we have so much fun together.

Some views of Hollywood.

The fam grabbing a bite of mexican food after spending a day at the beach. Brian always makes fun of me because i could eat mexican for every meal!!!

Brian buried Aly alive, and she probably layed in there for a half an hour, she said it was pretty nice, and we were laughing cause she went out to the ocean to try to rinse of the sand by just sprinkling water on herself, so Brian ran out there and threw her in the water, good times.

Aly and I had a blast body boarding and we didn't want to leave the beach! We saw dolphins when we were there probably a hundred yards out is all, it was really cool to see them in the wild.

Zach, DAD, & Brian went Deep Sea Fishing. Unfortunately this is the only pic that they took. Fishing was pretty slow. Zach caught three sand bass and had the largest catch of the night. My dad and Brian caught two bass each. They said when they were fishing probably 2 or 3 dozen dolphins were jumping all around them, a ton of baby ones, they said it was awesome. While the boys were fishing the girls went and got manicures and pedicures... I'm so sad i don't have any pics of us at the spa, we had so much fun!

And of course we had to take the fam to an Angels game. The game was fun and we killed the Blue Jays 7-1. I hate watching baseball on TV but its a lot of fun to go in person and eat hot dogs all day. :)