Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Part one of two posts

OK, well i don't know if Mikael will like me putting this stuff on, but i think it's pretty cool, she is currently attending Taylor Andrews Hair Academy, and she really loves it. She does a great job too doing hair. When she doesn't have any hair to cut she is either in class or working on one of these dummies which i think is funny. She is about half way done with school now, being there everyday form 8 to 5, and working really hard, she is also holding two jobs!!! i'm so lucky to have such a perfect wife that works so hard, I love you babe. Now explanation of the pictures....

This is one of the dummies

This is her sister Kelsi, who went with from long hair to an A line to really short hair, and looks real pretty

Just a random halloween pict. of Mikael, Kati, Ashley, Liesel and Melanie

These picts. are funny and pretty cool, her school does a photo shoot and they wanted Mikael to be one of the models, so one of the girls there did this crazy hair do, and i think it looks really cool, her hair is not that short, just with all the crazy curls made it go up....

My cute wife posing for the camera :)

Time for more picts!

Mikael and her bro Tyler also wanting to go to Bear Lake instead of being at a parade

Me and My Niece Madelyn playing with the Geese at our apartments, there are literally hundreds of them all over the place, kind of fun with the little kids.

Me, i just got a small brook trout up in a high uinta lake that is almost non existent that me and my cousins found hiking.

Chad, Ashley and me, on our hike, this picture doesn't do it justice cause it was complete miles of solid rock to hike through.