Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What we've been up to the last few months :)

Wow! It has been awhile. I'm so behind on this blogging stuff!!! Time is flying by and we have had an awesome Jan-April!!! here are some pics of what we have been doing! Enjoy ! :)

First off, i had the opportunity to go to CALI in January with my school! It was such a good time. Courtney and I decided we wanted to go the day before my school left so we drove my Focus all the way.

We stopped in Vegas on our way to Cali and also on the way back for some site seeing and of course SHOPPING!!! BEAUtiful waterfall in VEGAS

I went to Disneyland too! It's one of my favorite places ever!!!! This is us as Jack Sparrow :)

California Adventure!!!

The Rain Forest Cafe so yummy!

And here is the main reason we went to California in the first place... the Long Beach Hairshow! it was so fun... i got to see lots of famous hair stylists, and got great deals on hair products, makeup, and tools. This picture isn't the best but i took it in a class that was taught by Philip Wilson( he's pretty much amazing).

Our road trip was so fun! I love California and I hope I can go back ASAP!

Then i got a new SIS! Adam FINALLY got married to Maranea. I love this girl to death and am sad they are working in New York for the summer, I miss them...maybe they will let me come visit!!!
Here we are at Maranea's shower.

The wedding in Logan... Daddy's girls

Bri and I CUTE

oh and i got a new hair cut... it was time for a change. What do you think? I love it and want to go shorter.

My daddy had a Birthday. It was so fun we ate at Tucanos, (amazing highly recommended) walked around The Gateway, and played at Clark Planetarium.
Here is the BDAY boy dancing in front of the whole restaurant. We embarrassed the crap out of him!

The Johnson Bunch on the Moon!


My Sis and I

In the palm of our hands...the world will never be the same

1 word: HOT

Birthday Boys

And here we are ready for the Party

Cooking some weiners


Our Groupie...

We have been enjoying the spring weather! It has been so nice. We have been going fishing after school and work. This is us at Daybreak enjoying the sun.