Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tag. Thanks Mindy!!

*How long have you been married? Just over a year
*How old is your spouse? He's 23
*Who eats more? I'd have to say... Brian
*Who is taller? Brian by a couple inches
*Who sings better? Definitely Brian, he sings very well & loves to sing.
*Who is smarter? Brian is a SMARTIE, the kid speaks Chinese! Crazy... but I have more common sense(ps now it's Brian, I've taught her everything she knows). :)
*Who controls the T.V. remote? Brian. I never touch it.
*Whose temper is worse? That's a tough one... Brian
*Who does the laundry? He use to hep but now it's just me, Brian is working all the time.
*Who does the dishes? I wash but Brian is good with helping dry and put them away.
*Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? i do
*Who cooks dinner? half and half
*Who is more stubborn? Probably equal, we are both ridiculously stubborn
*Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Always Brian, I'm never wrong. (me Brian again, she is wrong, but i just smile and say sorry for everything.)
*Whose parents do you see the most? Right now neither. when we are in Utah we see Brian's cuz we live in their basement.
*Who has more friends? Brian, he talks a lot!!
*Who has more siblings? me
*Who wears the pants in the family? I do, sometimes i let Brian think he does

--Beach Bums--

This is what we do every Sunday afternoon, because during the week we go crazy being gone all day working, especially knocking on doors in 105 degree weather. We have been going to Newport Beach most of the time because it has good waves for body boarding. A week ago we all thought it wasn't too hot, and we all ended up being burnt to a crisp and we're still peeling of skin from our backs. But anyways a typical day at the beach, laying out, playing football, and swimming.
Here's mikael just chillin on the beach, wearing her SWEATER!!! I know i don't know why she is cold being in california, but it was a bit chilly that day. I'm still trying to get her to come out in the water with me to body board. She just likes hanging out and watching us swim while she relaxes.

That's my bro-in-law Matt surfing, i got up for only two seconds on it, my balance sucks pretty bad on it. Matt is a freakin fish, as soon as we hit the beach he is running for the water and is out there for a good hour or more, and doesn't get tired at all. It's been a lot of fun having family out here.

This is some pretty sweet photography of my BEHIND that Mr. Shaun Stevenett captured on the pier, Just straight up Beautiful.....

That's Matt and I hanging out by the sail boats waiting for a wave to bring us in....the last couple times we've gone there has been dolphins swimming around all the body surfers, it's really cool. We wish we would've got a pict. but Matt was sitting on the beach and he yelled "SHARK!!" because he saw a silhouette of one in a wave, right by a surfer, but right when the wave broke, a dolphin jumped out of the water, it was cool.

Our buddy Shaun that was out selling with us caught this pict. of Mikael taking a nap on the beach.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Disneyland, ESPN Zone, & Beach


Well we hit our big Year Mark Anniversary, and where did we go???? DISNEYLAND!!! We came here on our honeymoon but after all that driving from Utah wore us out ha ha. We had some good pictures but i dropped the camera the day we got home and they all got deleted some how, so we decided to go back to disneyland and take some good picts. as like our honeymoon.

If anyone plans to stay with us over the summer this is what you are looking forward to, Oreo Cereal invented by my wife "Pickle". --Yeah it sounded delicious at the time & no i'm not prego.

Mikael had a fun time back in Utah as she mentioned earlier, i was glad she was able to go see all of the family including Kelsi's Graduation, and Baby Jackson, Mikael said he was such a handsome baby & looks a lot like uncle B. Mikael said it was a lot of running around, and a quick trip, but well worth it.

California is an awesome place to spend a summer, you can't beat orange county! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008


Sorry peeps... it has been a while, we don't have access to Internet in our apartment right now. The guy we were bumming it off of moved out. I got to spend time with the fam in good ol Utah last weekend. I don't know what I was thinking, the vistit was way too short and I wanted to stay longer. I arrived in Salt Lake late Thursday night and left Saturday afternoon. My schedule was crazy busy. The first night I just went to my parents house in Kamas and went to bed. Friday was a busy day, I woke up and headed back to Salt Lake to run some errands. I got to see Madee's new baby brother! What a cute baby and he had so much blond hair ADORABLE. My baby sister graduated from High School Friday night... she's all grown up! Friday night I was able to have a girls night with Aly... good times we watched one of our favorite movies The Wizard of OZ and ate yummy popcorn. Saturday I played in the dirt and colored with sidewalk chalk with my buddy Hunter, he's getting so big! Leslie was nice and let me tag along with her to Teresa's (Leslie sister) house for a Lia Sophia party and after took me to the airport. It was so good to see everyone. Don't get me wrong I love Cali and everything but it will be so fun to come back and see our friends and family more often.