Friday, January 2, 2009


Boy did we have a fun New Years Eve party, We hung out at an old friend of mine from Taylorsville growing up, and a bunch of friends from high school just playing games all night long, and telling hilarious stories of each other until about 2 in the morning on New Years. We had an 80's theme, that's why we look the way we do. But it was a blast.

This is just my cute wife in her See's Candies work outfit. She worked there just during the holidays and i loved getting all the free chocolates from her :).

We had a really awesome Christmas this last year also. This is of the Johnson family, well part of them Brady and Tyler couldn't make it on the Eve, But yes i'm holding a Mcdonalds bag, Adam got me that and it had twenty bucks inside it, i loved the wrapping pretty much the best i've seen. On Christmas Eve we went to my Grandma Marsing's house for the traditional Mexican Dinner and story time, and after that we headed up to Kamas to attend the Johnson Family party. On Christmas day we just hung out all day in Kamas with our families and played in the snow, we've got awesome families on both sides we love them a ton!!! Oh and we just found out Adam, Mikael's Bro just got engaged and so we're stoked to have Maranea in the Family.

This is just another one of Mikael's Photo shoots i guess, i didn't really know where this photo came from, but she sure is a Hot one!

Okay so we went to Chili's one night, one of our fav. places to go, and if you go, get the Quesidilla Explosion, it's real good. And anyways we just got really bored cause we were waiting forever, so here is some random picts of that, and after that we went to the Jazz Game 11th row. It was kind of fun to go to one of them and see some of the old Ball Boys i used to work with there. I should've stuck with being a ball boy for life like them, cause a couple of them gets to travel with the team now and get paid better than before and better than what i make at the Bank.

Last of all these are just some more, random Halloween picts. at my work, and Mikael's school, now we're finally updated on all of our picts.


Michael & Mindy said...

Looks like you guys have been having fun. We haven't seen you FOREVER! We need to hang out!!

Paige said...

Yah! I'm so glad that you found me. Arent you sweet, but yes that is pretty much all my blog is... different hair ;) You and your hubby are so cute... I cant believe how much lighter your hair is then when you guys got married! Well I'm excited that we are now blogging friends :)